We provide consultancy services to :

  • (i) NGOs/CSOs/CSR initiatives of private sector
  • (ii) foreign private firms exploring investment opportunities in India
  • (iii) Services to Philanthropists/Donors
  • (iv) State and Central Government institutions in India

Our services are:

  • Preparing analytical reports on water, sanitation and environment
  • Preparing grant proposals to seek funding from Trusts/Foundations, etc.
  • Supporting program management
  • Preparing Grant Utilization Reports
  • Third Party Verification of projects

Product Summary

Analytical reports on WASH and Environment:

(i) Sector assessment reports

(ii) Progress Assessment reports

(iii) Evaluation reports, including social cost benefit analysis,

(iv) Other reports on specific problems. Such studies will be undertaken as per mutually agreed terms of reference



Grant Utilization Reports:

Preparing high quality Grant Utilization Reports. We advise foreign private firms exploring investment opportunities in India. Our focus is on policy, institutional and regulatory issues, to assess risks. We cover nearly all business sectors – please ask your specific interest and we will revert back. Also, we provide insights on the environment policies and approaches of national and state Governments for helping plan business strategies, assessing business risks and identifying mitigating measures.


Our products include:


(a)two to five pages brief summary of the sector of interest

(b)a more detailed report of the sector based on mutually agreed terms of reference.


Program Management (Monitoring Indicators, Evaluation design, etc.):

The analytics are intended for assessing effectiveness of program implementation, testing and refining the theory of change, developing case studies of successful practices for internal learning, designing SMART indicators for measuring output/outcome/impacts, designing evaluation studies, etc. We work primarily with secondary data but can consider collecting primary data in specific cases.

Grant Proposal:

Preparation of 25 to 50 page Grant Proposal as per mutually agreed terms of reference. Please note that we do not assist in soliciting funding nor guarantee funding by others on proposals we draft. Our endeavor is limited to developing a robust Grant Proposal based on ideas, data and information shared with us.

Third Party Verification of projects

We provide consultancy services in projects located in India, advising on design, implementation issues and evaluation. If you are contemplating a range of potential activities to decide which one you should support, our analytics can provide insights on the differential impact of these activities on the community and environment. If you are interested in a third party verification of the projects you are financing, we can design and undertake such studies for you. We can advise on the adequacy of program management processes of ongoing programs/projects and how these could be strengthened. We design and undertake evaluation studies. We undertake social cost benefit analysis using internationally recognized principles for quantifying costs and benefits.


We undertake research studies on Water and Sanitation, Environmental Management, Water Resource Management. These studies are taken up independently as well as in collaboration with Universities/NGOs in India and abroad.

Product Summary

We collaborate with Universities/NGOs/Institutions in India and abroad on Water, Sanitation and Environment related research.

Economic development has been leading to environmental degradation across the world. The threat of climate change and its consequences has resulted in governments looking for climate friendly development paradigms. The adoption of a resolution by Governments from developed and developing countries in the 23rd annual “conference of the parties” (COP) under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn was to “prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”, which would halt global warming.
We partner with Universities, NGOs and other institutions to undertake cutting-edge research in the specific context of economic development of India, management of wastes and hazardous materials, promoting knowledge that supports climate change adaptation, mitigation and resilience.

Capacity Building

We offer specialized capacity building as well as training programmes as required by the clients. This ranges from one-day to five-days programmes and can be customized by the client requirement. The topics range from Water and Sanitation (Rural and Urban), Chemical Management, Environmental Management, Water and Natural Resource Management. These training can be undertaken at locations suggested by the clients on mutually agreed terms of reference. We have the experience of conducting capacity building programmes for different State Governments of India on Water and Sanitation (both Rural as well as Urban), capacity building of communities and school children by Film based training modules (FBTM). Currently, we are engaging with the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA) on capacity building of communities and organizations about hazardous chemicals and its impact on humans and the environment


We have the expertise in developing advocacy materials such as Policy Briefs, Policy Papers, Discussion Papers of based on the research work in specific areas. These briefs and papers are made available to Members of Parliament, policymakers, regulators, sectoral experts, civil society, and the media. The purpose is to focus on key issues and list our policy recommendations to encourage wider discussion and debate. Our Publication section has further details.

Product Summary

Policy Briefs and Discussion Papers contributed by the Founder Director of MGC can be accessed at:


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